How to sell in Japan

What is it about ?

Here are a series of videos aimed at giving you the best advice on how to penetrate tjhe japanese market when you are a European innovative company.

The first video in the series below :

Mission Tokyo part 1 from WinAtlantic on Vimeo.

2012, The Best End Of The World

I don't know about you, but i feel like almost every year we have some sort of Doomsday. Last year was the rapture, but we missed it. This year is Mayan End of the world, let's hope it's more successful.

And, please no earthquake in Japan, i'm going back in May. In the meantime a big support to the Japanese people rebuilding after March 2011's one.
This series on JIB is about all the efforts and moving forward, and it's called "FORWARD" how convenient.

Surfing the Google Wave

_ I got one ! I got one !
_ What ?
_ A Google Wave account !
_ Well yes, what about it ?
_ It's the new thingamajig by google, it's gonna connect us all real time and we'll merge and mashup our lives with our tweets and, and, and...
_ Shut up ! calm down and tell me more.
_ Ok, well up to now the web has evolved, from static pages to dynamic pages. IM turned us into frantic chatterboxes. Then the web started being user contributed, we posted blog posts, comments.
Then Facebook and Twitter came along, mixing our physical meaty social life with our web life. GMail became a kind of hub to our chat and mail use. Skype merged IM with chat and video conferencing. Our networked life became rich but complicated.
Google Wave, tries to tie all of this in some sort of realtime web app making it easier to use the virtual team metaphor. You will be able to chat exchange document and data inside your wave, that wave being constituted by all your wave contacts. As usual with all new stuff, it will find it's usefulness once we comprehend the whole thing.
So far SAP has a BPM (Business Process Modeling) module for Wave. And of course at nobrandapp we are already thinking about our own addition to the wave.
UPDATE : has also come up with a Wave extension.
UPDATE May 2011 : GWave is buried , but its code will live on, who knows what will rise ???
UPDATE Jan 2012 : GWave is long gone. In it's place we have had Google Plus. Probably filled with bits of Wave, but who cares anyhow.

Korean munchies

하나는 내 비밀의 정원의 불량 식품 포장입니다.

One of my secret gardens is junk food packaging. I don't like junk food as such but i like what the package conveys, and the harsh reality it hides.
Let's face it junk food must fill one of the primary human instinct, eat whatever pleases you.

There are no nutritional values here, but there are however some values. I think they speak about the country were they are sold. It relates on what will create your buying impulse in that culture, and they are just fun.

I'd like to thank Jean-Luc & Ny-young, a friend couple of ours who brought back the fun stuff from Korea this summer.

사랑하는 친구가 당신을 감사합니다 !

nobrandapp at ParisOnline2009

We will be at the ParisOnline Salon, the 17th and 18th of june 2009.

Alltop iz tops

I just set up an Alltop account so to share the news i read as the day goes by. Mostly about SaaS and Cloud computing. It is so simple and effective, it makes you cry (well not really, but it definitely is a good tool). Just select the news subjects you are into and their XML aggregator will present it nicely in a fresh interface. I suspect Guy Kawasaki of being behind all this, but sshh i didn't say no nothing. Go and set up an account for yourself.
Featured in AlltopFind all the news in our field of activity

We are getting there !

Yesterday, we got selected for admission to the Enterprise Incubator in the technology cluster of Limoges, Ester Technopole. This means we are getting some help and a place to startup. Our project is taking off, and not that slowly mind you.

We started full time on the project with Fred in October (the 23rd) it's been 5 months so far and perspectives are great. Fred is building up to be a great technical director with a team of himself (and some mysterious ninjas lurking in the back). I'm learning the mysteries of funding and leverage, whatever that means.

We are being audited by Ernst & Young this afternoon, so it's up to us to fit in their analysis matrix.

The products have been defined and refined, the pricing is established, the cloud infrastructure is being set up, what could go wrong ? The world is crumbling... good, it'll make a change.

I believe very much in the power of crisis to make humans more humane. Unfortunately there will be suffering but then in the end we will go trough a couple of nice years, before catching up with our usual humanity again.

This post is like our times, grim and happy. But i keep my track, that of Realistic Active Optimism. Optimists of the world join me to set the world on Smile !

Google Speech

What if you searched by speaking to your Google instead of typing ?
Well you can ! It's for download for your iPhone, just click here to get it in iTunes.

After trying it, it works quite well if your are North-American (or pretend to be), it doesn't yet recognize other languages. I think that this could work for most people on computers, either for accessibility or laziness.

Think & type, or shout & sort.

What, me softer ?

Judging by the two previous posts, you could only assume i'm some sort of soft slightly lefty techy. Worry not, the strong biter, right wing blogger in me will surface again soon. For the time being just be happy and donate to Wikipedia.

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