Counting my change, down memory lane

I don't usually talk money on this blog, but for once...
Can you remember how much you paid for your first real new computer ? I can.
It wasn't the MacPlus, i got it second hand from my mothers' then boyfriend, roughly 150 €uros. It was the Performa 6300, we bought it, Manue and I, for 1600 €uros after waiting for 3 months for the supermarket to lower its price. It was 1996, and it had a modem in it. That's how i got on the internet for the first time, with that one. In fact, that poor little beige ugly macintosh is the reason for me being in this business right now.

In this composite picture you can see 20 years of my macs, but i must admit there is a big gap (7 years) were I was stuck on Dell computers.
Eventually, i needed a new computer, so i sneaked in a small MacBook. Can you imagine that 4 1/2 years old is sufficient to recognize the coolness of the Mac vs Windows.
My youngest daughter prefers it, the eldest too, but she's already nine so it's not as strange.

The point is, I paid 1300 € for the 2,4 Ghz and it is cheaper than the bad Performa from 1996. Technology prices have dropped, thanks to china, remember the old macs, they were assembled in Ireland. Vegetables prices on the other hand are getting higher. In the future, are we going to trade chips for spudz ?

As for the other macs in the picture, who cares about their story, they worked well and are still lying around covered in dust.