Google Speech

What if you searched by speaking to your Google instead of typing ?
Well you can ! It's for download for your iPhone, just click here to get it in iTunes.

After trying it, it works quite well if your are North-American (or pretend to be), it doesn't yet recognize other languages. I think that this could work for most people on computers, either for accessibility or laziness.

Think & type, or shout & sort.

What, me softer ?

Judging by the two previous posts, you could only assume i'm some sort of soft slightly lefty techy. Worry not, the strong biter, right wing blogger in me will surface again soon. For the time being just be happy and donate to Wikipedia.

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Obama Hope

Poster by
Shepard Fairey

Congratulations to the new US President Elect Barack Obama.
No politics here, just being happy that the new prez is the most tech savy of them all. His campaign has been fought will all the tools provided by our time. Good luck Mr Prez.