Google Speech

What if you searched by speaking to your Google instead of typing ?
Well you can ! It's for download for your iPhone, just click here to get it in iTunes.

After trying it, it works quite well if your are North-American (or pretend to be), it doesn't yet recognize other languages. I think that this could work for most people on computers, either for accessibility or laziness.

Think & type, or shout & sort.

What, me softer ?

Judging by the two previous posts, you could only assume i'm some sort of soft slightly lefty techy. Worry not, the strong biter, right wing blogger in me will surface again soon. For the time being just be happy and donate to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia needs us

Because it makes our life easier everyday, consider donating a few euros to Wikipedia. You can give what you can, but don't hesitate and give. Just click on this very large button below.
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Obama Hope

Poster by
Shepard Fairey

Congratulations to the new US President Elect Barack Obama.
No politics here, just being happy that the new prez is the most tech savy of them all. His campaign has been fought will all the tools provided by our time. Good luck Mr Prez.

Joost before you fail

I know, i know, Joost is not new, but it's news. They are back, with a revenge... Joost started it's second life, as a website.

If you go down the blog list in january 2007 i was soooooo excited to write about Joost a new concept, out of the browser and on to the desktop : Web app !!!

Then in april the same year (remember that was like a year and a half ago), i got my beta account and i was even allowed to flogg invites, i even got my only comments (and maybe visitors) at that time. Then after using it for a while, 2 days, i lost interest in it.

What was wrong then :
  • The idea ? Na !
  • The shows ? maybe
  • The software ? yeah
It was just to bloody buggy and it ended up not even working anymore. But these days comes the resurrection, as a website. Why should i care anyway ? Because i am starting a business based on web apps and this should be a strong study case. We'll come back to this another time, for now just go and show your support to the good people at Joost, welcome back dudes.

Training close to the end

After 5 weeks already and with a week and a half only to go, the training course will end soon.
What has it done for me so far ?

Well, awareness would be the biggest asset i can figure out.

An insight on law, accounting ang taxes, what else do you need anyway ? A lot more in fact, but it isn't the goal of that specific training.
  • Are we starting this company ? Yes we are
  • When ? As soon as we have a idea of how much money we can bring in
  • So, when is that ? december-january
We are to offer state of the art services based on Rich Networked Applications (read this article by Michael Krotscheck on classifying Rich Internet Applications).

Our offer will be quite a relief for many SoHo's and professional who need to keep track of their exchanges while working on projects. Who knows,we may even convince bigger companies to use our stuff. More on this in later posts.

Taxes, Taxes & Taxes

We survived despair & depression, after being hurt by reality. A company is a fat cash cow for any democratic state or country, or is it ?
Well no; true we got to pay for taxes all the time, but then why care ?

A company is a way to shape your dreams and make them come to reality, with an accountant in the picture.

So far, i've learned a lot about financial mechanism, social status for the boss, how to avoid some taxes. Next we will enter the money rounds, how to found a company and find shareholders (with money).

Among the budding projects here is a listing :

  • C. is starting up a second hand branded clothes store.
  • M. & A. are brother and sister, they have the goal to set up a vehicule recycling plant with shipping to Africa.
  • P. is eager to have your dog behave, she is a dog comportementalist.
  • A. will feed the world with her restaurant.
  • A. has a plan for you to escape from your kids.
  • A. will start an arts print shop on the web.
  • M. is on the line to open up a mobile phone shop.
All of them benefit from the courses and advice from three principal teachers :
  • Patrice Zoppi :
    Accountancy & Finance, Patrice is not your usual grey suited/grey faced accountant. He is a cheerful professional with an adventurous career in the petrol industry, and many more.
  • Patrick Lagoutte :
    Marketing & Sales, Patrick has a keen interest in what makes you tick. It helps him understand what sells and how.
  • Emmanuel Hennequin :
    Business Law, a law professional with an environmental interest. He is the one depressing us with the interaction btw our private life and the company's existence.
This training is given (well not for free) by the Chambre de Commerce de la Haute-Vienne in Limoges (Chamber of Commerce) and is of a very good standard. It lasts for 7 weeks and gives a global view of the technics and challenges of creating a company in France.

Google Chrome alive and kicking

It's finally there, with a bit of excitement around 8pm french time (around 11am PTC) constantly hitting F5, so what's the deal ?

Well, it's fresh, simple, and quite quick (talking about browser speed can be a joke, it varies in 0.00006 to 0.005 sec. so how can we humans judge this, whatever).

Google Chrome is a good navigator for Joe Average. And for Sam Geek, well it's lacking the capacity to overload it with 42 tons of add-ons, which is good.

Detachable google apps to use them as self existing applications... Now we are approaching our RDA territory. Well it gives me hope for the future. We are not bound to the browser anymore.

_ V8 is there to make it tick.

_ V8? What is that, an engine ?

_ Abso-bloody-lutely, it's the Javascript interpreter that convert all the JS to
Machine code so it runs faster and more reliably.

_ Yeah, hey is that an iPhone ?

_ ... !?

Download it to try, no frisk no frills. Agreable web navigation, let see what comes by in the updates (automatic, if you read the contract, which getting quite normal in this ever beta world of ours). Click here to get Google Chrome
_ it's an other story.

A giant leap !

Google is to announce today at a conference held at Mountain View, Calif., the launch of it's well awaited Google Chrome Web Browser !!!!

What should be new ?
Well it is supposed to speed up rendering time, fixing forever memory leaks, enhancing javascript execution, making coffe and saving the world.

It is based on Webkit so it should be "rock solid" as Google says.
V8 is new also, it is the new javascript rendition engine. They built it from scratch to optimize JS code. Objects that use the same properties will share theme instead of each loading the same stuff, dynamic code generation ! In fact it turns your javascript into Machine Code that will run directly on the CPU, so it's not interpreted anymore, instead it runs directly. Best of all, V8 is used by the browser, but it's core is separated from it, so other browsers and Web Apps (Think NoBrandApps) can use it !
A new feature is the "Incognito" tab, what happens in that tab stays in that tab. No record, no cookies, no nothing. 
(update : It won't keep stuff on your side, but session logs and search history will be recorded server side) 
Speaking of "new" features, there is also an Opera like home page, with thumbnails of your favourite startup sites, as you can see in these comparison screenshots.

Ther are plentymore features, i will list them as i discover them.
Have a nice day reading the PDF comic book I compiled from this weblog:
Download PDF Google Comic Book on Chrome (PDF 3,8 Mb)

So far, so good

The summer went by without being noticed, but who cares. On the way to starting up a company, i barely noticed the lack of sun.
September 8th is getting close, on that day i will start a 7 weeks business creation training period at the Chamber of Commerce in Limoges.
Fred is soon to join the project (early september), as he is leaving his job, he will be in charge of the technical aspects and developers management. An other team member is expected, she is still working, but may soon join us to head operations (yes a CEO).

We are still on breaking grounds, but our concept is still the only one of it's kind.

Not many information in this post, but just a few updates.

Back to the keyboard

One thing that i learn everyday is humility.
You may have the best project in the world, it's still a project. At best people are sympathetic, it's not their money you're after. But there are cases where you need to do and redo a thing until it's right. That's what happened with my PR presentation.
I imagine and build my project every second so it's deep inside me, so deep in fact that i have to struggle to explain it lightly to a non-specialist audience. So here i am trying to take away the tech in me, and let the advertiser out. But then Vanessa the PR girl rebukes it, so it's back to the keyboard again.

This project, i may even talk to you about it one day, if i'm able to translate it in normal linguo. is on tracks

Hi there, yesterday i joined the ranks of aspiring web entrepreneurs wishing to spread their vision across the web.
I am in a business program called "Pré-Incubateur du Pôle E-Design" in the Ester Technopark of Limoges. This program aims to help build your company by providing for shelter and advice. You get an office space in a buzzing technological environment and you get advice from Business Angels, accountants, lawyers... plus you learn how to gain funding.

In my future posts i may be a bit money centered, but then an ambitious project such as is not going to rise from thin air (even though there'll be a lot of AIR in it).

Counting my change, down memory lane

I don't usually talk money on this blog, but for once...
Can you remember how much you paid for your first real new computer ? I can.
It wasn't the MacPlus, i got it second hand from my mothers' then boyfriend, roughly 150 €uros. It was the Performa 6300, we bought it, Manue and I, for 1600 €uros after waiting for 3 months for the supermarket to lower its price. It was 1996, and it had a modem in it. That's how i got on the internet for the first time, with that one. In fact, that poor little beige ugly macintosh is the reason for me being in this business right now.

In this composite picture you can see 20 years of my macs, but i must admit there is a big gap (7 years) were I was stuck on Dell computers.
Eventually, i needed a new computer, so i sneaked in a small MacBook. Can you imagine that 4 1/2 years old is sufficient to recognize the coolness of the Mac vs Windows.
My youngest daughter prefers it, the eldest too, but she's already nine so it's not as strange.

The point is, I paid 1300 € for the 2,4 Ghz and it is cheaper than the bad Performa from 1996. Technology prices have dropped, thanks to china, remember the old macs, they were assembled in Ireland. Vegetables prices on the other hand are getting higher. In the future, are we going to trade chips for spudz ?

As for the other macs in the picture, who cares about their story, they worked well and are still lying around covered in dust.

Let the dogs out !

Things are shaping up, i finished writing my preproject to join a structure called The Incubateur du Pôle Excellence e-Design. It's an organisation created by The Conseil Régional du Limousin (Limousin Region Authority in France) aimed at helping and advising business creators and entrepreneurs.
As said before, my goal is to provide AIR Apps in a new way to serve existing needs. I wont get to specific right now.
More to come.

WIF 2008 is over, and the winner is...

The winner is a Swedish team, Team Torsk they have a global view of mail and geolocation. I feel that there view is a bit intrusive and without real innovation. However the production is clean. My favorite is a brasilian team, BOPE there idea is pushing us 20 years forward, with body integration. The whole thing is a video giving us a realistic and quite humane view of what it could be. The ones i agree with most are the japanese team Team 203, email is quite perfect as it is today, and honestly i don't think it should evolve more in it's core principles.

Webjam WIF 2008

So, at 2pm friday afternoon, 40 teams from all around the world, all gathered in Ester Technopole's flying saucer, unleashed their grey matter full throttle to compete in the WIF 2008 Webjam.

The subject this year is quite promising, it should help us understand what we have now and what could be done to mail apps :

"Imagine an interface of the future for the electronic mail, integrating a forward-looking vision of web. "
Sorry for the Engrish, it's from the official site.

This subject is great and quite anchored in reality, i hope the younger competitors will explode what we are used to, to give us a fresh view. Again, i maybe naive, and older cyberpunks may save the day.

more to come..

Floor sweaper

After roaming the floors of ESTER Technopole were the WIF 2008 is happening right now (and until saturday), i met quite a lot of response to my question : Would you buy Adobe AIR apps ?

This is looking good for my business creation. Over the next couple of months i will let you know about my adventures, in a sense you'll witness efforts, victories and or failures in the creation of a global business set in the rural heart of France. Hopefully, let's envision a happy end, tough logically this end will be a start... [ end nonsense humor here ! ]

More to come...

A WIF of fresh AIR

After Paris on april 2nd, the gospel of Adobe Air is spoken in Limoges for the WIF , Michael Chaize an Adobe evangelist was there to introduce this technology to end clients. It wasn't so much about how it's made but rather what can be made of it.

This approach is important if we want to be able to sell Air Apps. So let there be Air. Stay tuned for the next breadth.

WIF 2008

I will be at the WIF 2008 in Limoges, France april 17th & 18th. The Webdesign International Festival is an interesting meeting point in the center of France were you can put a face on the thinkers of tomorrow's web. See you there. Check the speed meeting pages

may 2008, a milestone ?

After quite a while off, a year in fact, i'm back on the blog. What motivates me, is the new freedom coming up in a near future.

The software and webapps service i have been working for the last 7 years, is being shut.
Far from depressing me, it gives me a new direction on the long and winding pathway of information.

After 10 years learning and going forward building websites, i am facing a new horizon made of Air and with plenty of Flex inside, hmmm.

Smells like new opportunities, enough with the web inside a browser. Let them sites free !

So i am creating a company aiming to provide the advertising & marketing people a direct link to the customers desktop.

Hope to hear from you soon.