Let the dogs out !

Things are shaping up, i finished writing my preproject to join a structure called The Incubateur du Pôle Excellence e-Design. It's an organisation created by The Conseil Régional du Limousin (Limousin Region Authority in France) aimed at helping and advising business creators and entrepreneurs.
As said before, my goal is to provide AIR Apps in a new way to serve existing needs. I wont get to specific right now.
More to come.

WIF 2008 is over, and the winner is...

The winner is a Swedish team, Team Torsk they have a global view of mail and geolocation. I feel that there view is a bit intrusive and without real innovation. However the production is clean. My favorite is a brasilian team, BOPE there idea is pushing us 20 years forward, with body integration. The whole thing is a video giving us a realistic and quite humane view of what it could be. The ones i agree with most are the japanese team Team 203, email is quite perfect as it is today, and honestly i don't think it should evolve more in it's core principles.

Webjam WIF 2008

So, at 2pm friday afternoon, 40 teams from all around the world, all gathered in Ester Technopole's flying saucer, unleashed their grey matter full throttle to compete in the WIF 2008 Webjam.

The subject this year is quite promising, it should help us understand what we have now and what could be done to mail apps :

"Imagine an interface of the future for the electronic mail, integrating a forward-looking vision of web. "
Sorry for the Engrish, it's from the official site.

This subject is great and quite anchored in reality, i hope the younger competitors will explode what we are used to, to give us a fresh view. Again, i maybe naive, and older cyberpunks may save the day.

more to come..

Floor sweaper

After roaming the floors of ESTER Technopole were the WIF 2008 is happening right now (and until saturday), i met quite a lot of response to my question : Would you buy Adobe AIR apps ?

This is looking good for my business creation. Over the next couple of months i will let you know about my adventures, in a sense you'll witness efforts, victories and or failures in the creation of a global business set in the rural heart of France. Hopefully, let's envision a happy end, tough logically this end will be a start... [ end nonsense humor here ! ]

More to come...

A WIF of fresh AIR

After Paris on april 2nd, the gospel of Adobe Air is spoken in Limoges for the WIF , Michael Chaize an Adobe evangelist was there to introduce this technology to end clients. It wasn't so much about how it's made but rather what can be made of it.

This approach is important if we want to be able to sell Air Apps. So let there be Air. Stay tuned for the next breadth.

WIF 2008

I will be at the WIF 2008 in Limoges, France april 17th & 18th. The Webdesign International Festival is an interesting meeting point in the center of France were you can put a face on the thinkers of tomorrow's web. See you there. Check the speed meeting pages

may 2008, a milestone ?

After quite a while off, a year in fact, i'm back on the blog. What motivates me, is the new freedom coming up in a near future.

The software and webapps service i have been working for the last 7 years, is being shut.
Far from depressing me, it gives me a new direction on the long and winding pathway of information.

After 10 years learning and going forward building websites, i am facing a new horizon made of Air and with plenty of Flex inside, hmmm.

Smells like new opportunities, enough with the web inside a browser. Let them sites free !

So i am creating a company aiming to provide the advertising & marketing people a direct link to the customers desktop.

Hope to hear from you soon.