Joost about time (2)

Well That's it, Joost has gone public !
From what i've seen so far it's the warm up stage, we'll see more stuff as people connect and join Joost.
After testing Joost for a couple of days, i must say that the technical side is great but the content is poor and a bit on the trash side (Guinness records tv, Strongest Man competition, MTV, etc.). I hope the programs will get better, or maybe i have to high expectations. Why not put more TLC and Discovery stuff , (yeah i know, it's a matter of copyright and all). But if the target was geeks, why not give us geek shows, like MythBusters or American Choppers.

The user interface is good and the widgets are cool. Chatting with other viewers is so new, Joost is a good idea, and will pick up with a better choice of programs.
I still have some invitations to give away.
Last night i encountered something naturally obvious for most of you... Semantic Web.
What ?! It's not obvious to you ?!!! Well it wasn't to me either, up to last night...

_ The entry door was microformats
_ duh ?
_ Yes, it's away to tell your web browser that there is more in a given page that just what you see.
_ oooh
_ Imagine you can add to your address book by right-clicking on a name, all the data attached to that person :
  • First name, family name
  • Address, phone number and e-mail
  • Company name and more
_ I get it ! you can attach invisible data to a visible part of a web page .
_ Yes, when using an add on (for the moment) or the built in feature of your web browser, you can create valuable data that can be added to any kind of address book (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal or Mozilla Thunderbird for instance)

here is an example :

Mathieu M. O'Dowd


10 rue de moufles

99200 Grosville, France
Download this sample Business Card with Operator, a Firefox add on at :

Joost about time !!!

Screenshot of Joost, with a view of the content in the back and web feature in the front
Sorry for the bad pun in the title, but something hot is brewing.
Some clever guys, the ones who created Kazaa and Skype, are about to launch Joost.

The intention from what i gathered is to merge TV and Web into one new media. With the core of both worlds : Content and interactivity. So far i just signed up for the beta testing part. If any of you can share an invite (same system as Gmail by the way, and i still have some) it's welcome.
More as soon as i can test try this new infant of the web.

Désolé pour le mauvais jeu de mot du titre, en anglais en plus, mais il y a quelque chose qui se mijote actuellement. Quelques gars équipés de cerveaux, ceux qui ont créés Kazaa et Skype, sont sur le point de lancer Joost. Leur intention et de fusionner Web et TV, pour créer un méta-média composé de l'essence même de ces deux mondes : le contenu et l'interactivité. Je viens tout juste de m'inscrire au programme de béta-test. Si l'un d'entre vous a une invitation (comme dans Gmail, en fait) elle est la bienvenue. Bientôt des news, si j'en ai...

Happy New Millenium

Soylent Green (le film Soleil Vert)It's been over a hundred years now, that the year 2000 is hype ! but then 7 years after the fatal jump in the new millenium, we're still expecting the flying cars and Pill food

Therefore for 2007 i ask for more flying cars and more Pill-salad, Pill-steak and Pill-muffins, with of course an excellent powder Cabernet. hmmmm, yum yum.

See you in 2008 to check if all of this happened...

Celà fait maintenant 100 ans que l'on nous fait le coup de l'an 2000. 7 ans que l'on attend les voitures qui volent et la nourriture en pilules.

Donc pour 2007 je demande plus de voitures qui volent et plus de pipérade et de bulots en pilule, avec un bon rouge en gélule, hmmm.

Vivement 2008 pour savoir si tout est réalisé...