Joost before you fail

I know, i know, Joost is not new, but it's news. They are back, with a revenge... Joost started it's second life, as a website.

If you go down the blog list in january 2007 i was soooooo excited to write about Joost a new concept, out of the browser and on to the desktop : Web app !!!

Then in april the same year (remember that was like a year and a half ago), i got my beta account and i was even allowed to flogg invites, i even got my only comments (and maybe visitors) at that time. Then after using it for a while, 2 days, i lost interest in it.

What was wrong then :
  • The idea ? Na !
  • The shows ? maybe
  • The software ? yeah
It was just to bloody buggy and it ended up not even working anymore. But these days comes the resurrection, as a website. Why should i care anyway ? Because i am starting a business based on web apps and this should be a strong study case. We'll come back to this another time, for now just go and show your support to the good people at Joost, welcome back dudes.

Training close to the end

After 5 weeks already and with a week and a half only to go, the training course will end soon.
What has it done for me so far ?

Well, awareness would be the biggest asset i can figure out.

An insight on law, accounting ang taxes, what else do you need anyway ? A lot more in fact, but it isn't the goal of that specific training.
  • Are we starting this company ? Yes we are
  • When ? As soon as we have a idea of how much money we can bring in
  • So, when is that ? december-january
We are to offer state of the art services based on Rich Networked Applications (read this article by Michael Krotscheck on classifying Rich Internet Applications).

Our offer will be quite a relief for many SoHo's and professional who need to keep track of their exchanges while working on projects. Who knows,we may even convince bigger companies to use our stuff. More on this in later posts.