Korean munchies

하나는 내 비밀의 정원의 불량 식품 포장입니다.

One of my secret gardens is junk food packaging. I don't like junk food as such but i like what the package conveys, and the harsh reality it hides.
Let's face it junk food must fill one of the primary human instinct, eat whatever pleases you.

There are no nutritional values here, but there are however some values. I think they speak about the country were they are sold. It relates on what will create your buying impulse in that culture, and they are just fun.

I'd like to thank Jean-Luc & Ny-young, a friend couple of ours who brought back the fun stuff from Korea this summer.

사랑하는 친구가 당신을 감사합니다 !

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