Google Homepage on tracks

So what is the hype ?
Google serving a new product ?
Well it's not new, a web page editor, but it's been Googleized. What does it mean ?
Simply that everything becomes easy. For a non-webdesigner human being, creating web pages meant a tedious effort of understanding HTML code, CSS code, life, the Universe and everything else. None of this requiered here, simply choose a few options (looks and layout) fill with content (copy paste from any word processor) and voilà !
The only small annoyance, it's still not public, so you get to subscribe and wait for your number to be called.
GooglePages is tops ! but then i'm a Google fan, so don't expect me to be impartial.

Office tools OnLine

Update december 20th : Writely and Spreadsheet are part of the Google suite

The trend seems to be : Let's create an office app !

The good and the almost good are there. I tend to have a preference for Writely (see below) nontheless other apps should catch your attention.
Kiko is a calendar app, full of option and sync possibilities
AjaxWrite is a word processor with most of Word's functions, but lighter. The design is a bit techie, but it works... On Firefox only.

More to come as we test.

La mode des derniers six mois semble être : Créons une application Office !
Le bon et le presque bon semble là. J'ai tendance à préférer Writely (Voir plus bas), malgré tout d'autres applications peuvent attraper votre regard.
Kiko est un logiciel d'agenda et calendrier plein d'options et de possibilités de synchronisation.
AjaxWrite est un traitement de texte avec la plupart des options de Word, mais en plus léger. Le design est peu tech, mais ça marche... Seulement sur Firefox

AJAX Heavy duty moves...

Looks like we're entering the new step into web 2.0, heavy moves and accurate documentation is being published. IBM has released introductory courses
(Mastering Ajax in 3 parts. | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ). is an observation platform for WebTooO watchers and doers.
Here is their purpose :
  1. To build a community of people who want to open up the AJAX style code that some web sites are using.

  2. To develop a road map for how a software Client will properly interact with a Server when making Asynchronous XML requests.

  3. To develop an open source reference implementation for purpose 1 & 2
They have a link to a cool idea, that may explode in the near future. Instant Messagery embedded into websites... Now that is a new sensation ! Imagine strolling trough a website and being able to feel the other visitors presence because of that anonymous IM module with people entering and leaving constantly ( the choice of the new member sound alert is great, almost like an aiport annoucement bell- It adds to the crowd feeling). It's different from Meboo
becaus the IM service is their own, and you don't have register anywhere (for the time being).
Gabbly is worth a double thumbs up.

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