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I just set up an Alltop account so to share the news i read as the day goes by. Mostly about SaaS and Cloud computing. It is so simple and effective, it makes you cry (well not really, but it definitely is a good tool). Just select the news subjects you are into and their XML aggregator will present it nicely in a fresh interface. I suspect Guy Kawasaki of being behind all this, but sshh i didn't say no nothing. Go and set up an account for yourself.
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We are getting there !

Yesterday, we got selected for admission to the Enterprise Incubator in the technology cluster of Limoges, Ester Technopole. This means we are getting some help and a place to startup. Our project is taking off, and not that slowly mind you.

We started full time on the project with Fred in October (the 23rd) it's been 5 months so far and perspectives are great. Fred is building up to be a great technical director with a team of himself (and some mysterious ninjas lurking in the back). I'm learning the mysteries of funding and leverage, whatever that means.

We are being audited by Ernst & Young this afternoon, so it's up to us to fit in their analysis matrix.

The products have been defined and refined, the pricing is established, the cloud infrastructure is being set up, what could go wrong ? The world is crumbling... good, it'll make a change.

I believe very much in the power of crisis to make humans more humane. Unfortunately there will be suffering but then in the end we will go trough a couple of nice years, before catching up with our usual humanity again.

This post is like our times, grim and happy. But i keep my track, that of Realistic Active Optimism. Optimists of the world join me to set the world on Smile !