Joost before you fail

I know, i know, Joost is not new, but it's news. They are back, with a revenge... Joost started it's second life, as a website.

If you go down the blog list in january 2007 i was soooooo excited to write about Joost a new concept, out of the browser and on to the desktop : Web app !!!

Then in april the same year (remember that was like a year and a half ago), i got my beta account and i was even allowed to flogg invites, i even got my only comments (and maybe visitors) at that time. Then after using it for a while, 2 days, i lost interest in it.

What was wrong then :
  • The idea ? Na !
  • The shows ? maybe
  • The software ? yeah
It was just to bloody buggy and it ended up not even working anymore. But these days comes the resurrection, as a website. Why should i care anyway ? Because i am starting a business based on web apps and this should be a strong study case. We'll come back to this another time, for now just go and show your support to the good people at Joost, welcome back dudes.

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