Last night i encountered something naturally obvious for most of you... Semantic Web.
What ?! It's not obvious to you ?!!! Well it wasn't to me either, up to last night...

_ The entry door was microformats
_ duh ?
_ Yes, it's away to tell your web browser that there is more in a given page that just what you see.
_ oooh
_ Imagine you can add to your address book by right-clicking on a name, all the data attached to that person :
  • First name, family name
  • Address, phone number and e-mail
  • Company name and more
_ I get it ! you can attach invisible data to a visible part of a web page .
_ Yes, when using an add on (for the moment) or the built in feature of your web browser, you can create valuable data that can be added to any kind of address book (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal or Mozilla Thunderbird for instance)

here is an example :

Mathieu M. O'Dowd


10 rue de moufles

99200 Grosville, France
Download this sample Business Card with Operator, a Firefox add on at :

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