Joost about time (2)

Well That's it, Joost has gone public !
From what i've seen so far it's the warm up stage, we'll see more stuff as people connect and join Joost.
After testing Joost for a couple of days, i must say that the technical side is great but the content is poor and a bit on the trash side (Guinness records tv, Strongest Man competition, MTV, etc.). I hope the programs will get better, or maybe i have to high expectations. Why not put more TLC and Discovery stuff , (yeah i know, it's a matter of copyright and all). But if the target was geeks, why not give us geek shows, like MythBusters or American Choppers.

The user interface is good and the widgets are cool. Chatting with other viewers is so new, Joost is a good idea, and will pick up with a better choice of programs.
I still have some invitations to give away.


Riccardo said...

Hi, I would like to download Joost. I heard that an invitation from an exsisting user is needed. If you are a user please send me an invitation.
Thank you

drkyzar said...

Hey i'd love an invitation if you've got one going...


drkyzar [at] g mail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Very Good.

Fabrice C.