Taxes, Taxes & Taxes

We survived despair & depression, after being hurt by reality. A company is a fat cash cow for any democratic state or country, or is it ?
Well no; true we got to pay for taxes all the time, but then why care ?

A company is a way to shape your dreams and make them come to reality, with an accountant in the picture.

So far, i've learned a lot about financial mechanism, social status for the boss, how to avoid some taxes. Next we will enter the money rounds, how to found a company and find shareholders (with money).

Among the budding projects here is a listing :

  • C. is starting up a second hand branded clothes store.
  • M. & A. are brother and sister, they have the goal to set up a vehicule recycling plant with shipping to Africa.
  • P. is eager to have your dog behave, she is a dog comportementalist.
  • A. will feed the world with her restaurant.
  • A. has a plan for you to escape from your kids.
  • A. will start an arts print shop on the web.
  • M. is on the line to open up a mobile phone shop.
All of them benefit from the courses and advice from three principal teachers :
  • Patrice Zoppi :
    Accountancy & Finance, Patrice is not your usual grey suited/grey faced accountant. He is a cheerful professional with an adventurous career in the petrol industry, and many more.
  • Patrick Lagoutte :
    Marketing & Sales, Patrick has a keen interest in what makes you tick. It helps him understand what sells and how.
  • Emmanuel Hennequin :
    Business Law, a law professional with an environmental interest. He is the one depressing us with the interaction btw our private life and the company's existence.
This training is given (well not for free) by the Chambre de Commerce de la Haute-Vienne in Limoges (Chamber of Commerce) and is of a very good standard. It lasts for 7 weeks and gives a global view of the technics and challenges of creating a company in France.

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