A giant leap !

Google is to announce today at a conference held at Mountain View, Calif., the launch of it's well awaited Google Chrome Web Browser !!!!

What should be new ?
Well it is supposed to speed up rendering time, fixing forever memory leaks, enhancing javascript execution, making coffe and saving the world.

It is based on Webkit so it should be "rock solid" as Google says.
V8 is new also, it is the new javascript rendition engine. They built it from scratch to optimize JS code. Objects that use the same properties will share theme instead of each loading the same stuff, dynamic code generation ! In fact it turns your javascript into Machine Code that will run directly on the CPU, so it's not interpreted anymore, instead it runs directly. Best of all, V8 is used by the browser, but it's core is separated from it, so other browsers and Web Apps (Think NoBrandApps) can use it !
A new feature is the "Incognito" tab, what happens in that tab stays in that tab. No record, no cookies, no nothing. 
(update : It won't keep stuff on your side, but session logs and search history will be recorded server side) 
Speaking of "new" features, there is also an Opera like home page, with thumbnails of your favourite startup sites, as you can see in these comparison screenshots.

Ther are plentymore features, i will list them as i discover them.
Have a nice day reading the PDF comic book I compiled from this weblog:
Download PDF Google Comic Book on Chrome (PDF 3,8 Mb)

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