Google Chrome alive and kicking

It's finally there, with a bit of excitement around 8pm french time (around 11am PTC) constantly hitting F5, so what's the deal ?

Well, it's fresh, simple, and quite quick (talking about browser speed can be a joke, it varies in 0.00006 to 0.005 sec. so how can we humans judge this, whatever).

Google Chrome is a good navigator for Joe Average. And for Sam Geek, well it's lacking the capacity to overload it with 42 tons of add-ons, which is good.

Detachable google apps to use them as self existing applications... Now we are approaching our RDA territory. Well it gives me hope for the future. We are not bound to the browser anymore.

_ V8 is there to make it tick.

_ V8? What is that, an engine ?

_ Abso-bloody-lutely, it's the Javascript interpreter that convert all the JS to
Machine code so it runs faster and more reliably.

_ Yeah, hey is that an iPhone ?

_ ... !?

Download it to try, no frisk no frills. Agreable web navigation, let see what comes by in the updates (automatic, if you read the contract, which getting quite normal in this ever beta world of ours). Click here to get Google Chrome
_ it's an other story.

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